This is where you access your up-to-the-minute information centers:

1. Your CFA Portal — this link enables you to manage and/or share documents with your team at CFA or with others you invite to use your portal, such as your banker or attorney.

Login to Your CFA Portal

2. Your SEI Portfolio On-Line access —  this link brings you to our custodian, SEI Private Trust Co., where you can review your Investment Holdings and Activity in your portfolios.  If you need to register, this is the link to SEI Account Login/Register - to access or register for access to your SEI account.  If you are going to register, you will need to have your current SEI statement on hand when you do so.

Login to SEI Investment Account 

3. Your Banking - portfolio companion checking account — this link enables you to have on-line access to your companion checking account with Bancorp.  This account provides you with banking and bill paying solutions, and the account is linked to your SEI portfolio.  If you have a Securities Backed Line of Credit, which is secured by your SEI portfolio, this is also the link to that lending solution.  

Login to SEI Cash Access Account