Environmental Compliance Support


Issue: The set of environmental obligations imposed by environmental laws, regulations, permits, and local requirements is significant and ever-changing presenting risks to your business success.  The consequences of not meeting the requirements include payment of financial penalties for violations, the distractions an enforcement case brings and the expense of outside support during an enforcement case.  Further, damage to your business’ reputation as viewed by customers, communities and potential investors can hurt your chances of increasing sales, attracting investors, and avoiding controversy.   

Solution: Connolly Advisors can reduce your environmental compliance risk.   We will tailor a program to evaluate your current state of compliance and areas of compliance risk. We will review your existing environmental management system, make appropriate recommendations, and help implement improvements to reduce your risk of non-compliance and save money.  The key to our success is that prior to undertaking the review, Connolly Advisors will seek to understand key aspects of your operations to see where the compliance risks lie.  Specific steps we take include:

Confirm Knowledge of Requirements: 

  • Review all relevant requirement sources to assure that all required programs are identified.
  • Confirm that your detailed list of permit limits and required action items from the source documents (permits and regulations) is accurate and complete.
  • Review training material to assure that all who share responsibility for compliance are aware of the detailed actions assigned to their role and how to complete those actions.

Evaluate Established Compliance Management System and Practices:  Evaluate the Environmental Compliance Management System tools being used to determine if the existing system:

  • is appropriate to the scale and requirements of your operation.
  • adequately detail and establishes critical due dates for compliance action items,
  • ensure that the action items are assigned to capable resources, and
  • provide an overall level of effort (labor) and other resources cost of compliance.

Organize Data and Documentation of Compliance:  Evaluate the data sources and documents which determine if they establish a sufficient record of compliance, reduce future compliance risk, and demonstrate no significant contamination of the environment. 

Develop Noncompliance Risk Reduction Plan: This plan will include recommendations on improvements to existing systems and practices to reduce your risk of non-compliance.

Communicate Results and Recommendations:  We deliver our results as a comprehensive management report along with a summary presentation to communicate the results to your workforce.  We work with your team to evaluate our recommendations for improvements and to establish goals for improvement.

The Advantage of hiring Connolly Advisors is to have subject matter experts who are experienced in all aspects of environmental compliance and in evaluation of compliance management systems.  Our experience of communicating findings through positive recommendations will result in a reduced risk of non-compliance.

Jim Connolly, MBA

Jim has long served as an Advisor on Environmental Management and Sustainability issues to a wide range of industries both as a consultant and in internal leadership positions. He has managed professional services operations and served on the Senior Leadership Team of large power generation, transportation and waste management businesses. He has significant experience planning for business growth, devising and implementing strategies to efficiently meet compliance obligations and has successfully advocated for businesses and projects with regulatory agencies and the public. Jim brings his depth of experience to meeting the rising challenges that the drive for Sustainability presents to businesses of all sizes.

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Cell: 603.686.1685

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