Sustainability Reporting

Issue: A client has requested that we prepare a sustainability report describing their greenhouse gas, water, and waste related impacts, assist them with setting goals to reduce their impact and track progress towards their goals. 

The client is required to prepare sustainability reporting by their customer who is endeavoring to create a more sustainable supply chain.  The client’s customer is requiring information on environmental impacts including climate impacts by reporting the total amount of greenhouse gas emitted in carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e), normalizing emissions, and assigning a share to the product they purchase. 

The client has also asked for similar reporting on water use and on waste management practices.

Solution:  Connolly Advisors has developed an efficient sustainability model based on accepted international reporting standards, which will meet the customer’s request.  Depending on the nature, scope and size of our client’s business, Connolly Advisors has designed tools to gather and organize relevant data for initial assessment, goal development and reporting purposes. 

Collect Data:  Data sources include utility bills, internal production data and records of waste outputs / disposal and recycling data.  These data sources support calculations of Scope 1 (Direct Emissions from your operation) and Scope 2 (emissions related to energy use / electric power in your operation).  For water and waste related calculations, we use other data sources.

Estimate Emissions:  Emission factors developed by US EPA and international organizations for the purpose of GHG reporting are then used in our model to produce initial CO2e output figures for scope 1 & scope 2 emissions. 

Develop Reduction Plan: Goals are developed based on a realistic assessment of simple conservation measures and more intense capital projects.  Decisions on which projects to advance are made by our clients and Connolly Advisors can assist with the deciding factors and the implementation of any project. In addition, our reports for racking results are clear and meaningful.  Sustainability planning typically uncovers meaningful cost savings in energy and water use.  We help find projects with the best return for the cost and effort.

Communicate Results, Goals and Progress:  External reports can be provided in unique formatting or to meet the Customer’s requirements including direct input into tools provided by the customer.  When there is an audit, Connolly Advisors is there with you to support our client’s presentation and discussion of data.

Why Us:  The Advantage of hiring Connolly Advisors is to have subject matter experts managing the data collection, calculations and reporting for you so you can focus on your business. 

We can help you identify projects that will meet your internal return on investment objectives, advance your sustainability journey and satisfy your customer expectations.  We can propose a range of projects to satisfy any requirements to improve your sustainable practices and reduce your costs for energy, water use and waste disposal.